Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eight More Local Kittens to Portland Area Rescues

Busy few days for me.  That's for sure.  Am worn out totally.  Today, I returned the last of the four cats, fixed last Sunday, to the cemetery colony.  I don't like taking them back there.  Killer road.  Speed freak territory.  She was the adult gray tabby mother to I don't know how many small kittens, all under two pounds . She had stayed in a rabbit hutch since caught, then after she was fixed, eating and eating and eating, sometimes three or four cans of cat food a day.  I figure she'd had a rough life and a big litter and gave her whatever she wanted.

I saw the gray tux female lounging on the porch when I returned her.  But I didn't see the black tux male or the little gray tux teen male who were also fixed.  And I didn't see hide nor hair of the two kittens, at least, I didn't catch--the orange tabby tux and the gray tux little guy.  I wonder if they're alive.

I drove on then to Peoria road.  Someone had dumped off a tame calico who then had kittens.  I dropped off a trap.  They are going to feed in it, tied open, until we trap the five kittens and hopefully the roam in male.  The mom is tame enough to put in a carrier.

Then I met up with some Lebanon women who had taken a very ill kitten out of a man's yard who feeds strays and will not get them fixed.  He joked around about the kitten, said he wanted the kitten back "when you guys get it well" and the women retorted "Fat chance.  You'll be lucky if we don't turn you in."

I gave them eye ointment, but later, I arranged for a Portland rescue with the means to get him in to see a vet, to take him.  He's going tomorrow.

I haven't seen the kitten yet, but I guess his eye is in bad shape.

Then I had to hurriedly prepare the six kittens from the cemetery colony for transfer to Wilsonville.  I cleaned out their ears of mites, washing some of their ears out with running warm water, they were so impacted. I treated each with drops of ivermectin, clipped nails, flea treated and roundwormed each.  We vaccinated all six once up there.

I also took up Billy and Ahab, the two brothers from the Albany colony.  Simon, the third brother, is leaving tomorrow with Kahlua and Sambi, for a Siamese rescue in WA state. 

So the all 8 went up and afterwards, Karmen and I went out to eat.  I had forgotten to eat all day.  I forgot to say, I kept those three Albany females here all night so they'd get proper watching and care after surgery.  I took them home just  before noon, and also flea treated and roundwormed the three kittens, who were crawling in fleas.  I felt sorry for them.

So it was a full day for sure.  Just Sunday through tomorrow, 14 local kittens will move out and on.  Just in four days, 14 more local kittens leaving for better, hopefully, lives.  That's pretty darn fantastic.  And it has taken effort from quite a few very wonderful people to make it happen.  Including little old me!

Donovan, Dotty and Jodie, three cemetery colony kittens who today went to Portland area rescues.

Grayson, the skinniest most pathetic one of the six cemetery kittens. He was also very scared and growled to beat the band. He needs love!

Cemetery colony big black tux male fixed last Sunday at the FCCO.

Calico cemetery colony kitten, trapped with a kitten too small to be fixed, who remained in my garage, while the calico went to be fixed at the FCCO.  Afterwards a Portland rescue took her, to give her a better life.  They also took a gray tabby male kitten from the cemetery colony.

Donovan, LIttle Stud, Black Billy and Dottie, now in northern rescues.

Little Stud, one of the male kittens, a tabby tux!

Dottie and Jodie, two girl kittens from the cemetery colony.  Yes, Karmen named one kitten after me!

Dottie and Ahab.  Dottie is from the cemetery colony and Ahab from an Albany colony.

Baby, one of three owned Albany females fixed yesterday, not in good shape, alive in fleas, not well cared for.

Second Albany female, from same household, fixed yesterday.

Third Albany female, young, URI, alive in fleas, but at least spayed. Yes, Heartland flea treated her and I wormed her. Owners, my goodness, that is your responsibility!

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