Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Photos of the Cats Fixed Yesterday, from Waterloo and Albany

Albany stray male Bunky was neutered yesterday.  The woman who has been feeding him now intends to find him a proper home, she says.

Blacky, pregnant former Albany stray fixed yesterday.

Poopy, one of two torti sisters, daughters of Blacky (above) fixed yesterday.  Poopy's sister, Patty, was also fixed.

Wally, Blacky's impregnator, was also fixed.

Below are photos of nine of the ten Waterloo cats fixed yesterday, thanks to Poppa Inc.  Because of their extreme tapeworm infestations, I paid for four of the ten to get droncit injections while a clinic volunteer offered to pay for the other six to get treated.
Mischief, black and white male fixed yesterday.  He had a severe ear infection with inflamed swollen tissue and also was a crypt orchid.

Smokey, gray tux short hair female, fixed yesterday.

Seda, DSH gray and white male, fixed yesterday.

Trixie, a young in heat torti, fixed yesterday.

Yaya, a vocal young tame male gray tabby, fixed yesterday.
Cleo, Long hair torti, pregnant at spay, fixed yesterday.

Gizmo, DLH gray tux male, with bad URI, neutered yesterday.

Marley, DSH torbi, spayed yesterday.

Max, a big brown tabby male, fixed yesterday.

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