Tuesday, May 22, 2012

15 More Local Cats Fixed Today

I had an Albany woman who needed help getting four females fixed she had rescued.  Another Albany woman was feeding an unfixed stray male.  I wasn't sure what to do about getting these cats done.  This Friday Heartland is holding a very small clinic.  Already, I lined up one Lebanon male who will be fixed on that day, plus the Alsea woman is taking her two females in to be fixed that day.  They could do no more.

So I asked S/nipped about reservations late afternoon yesterday.  They had room today.  I am tired out, fighting a cold, but like to get things done quickly when I find situations of need.  So I said "Sign me, up, S/nipped, for six cats."  Then the Albany woman said she could only get three of the females caught, but had a male too.  But a Waterloo woman called, referred by KATA.  She had ten needing fixed.  I said, "Are they tame?"  "Yes," she said.  "Get them contained and I'll be out," I replied.

I texted Tamara of S/nipped to see if they could deal with 15, not six.  She texted right back "Bring all you need to bring."

Out to Waterloo I went.  This woman got a bunch fixed through KATA years ago.  A few are still there.  It's a junker property all right.  There was one very pregnant long hair torti, whom, I was told, immediately goes into heat again, right after she has a litter.  She then abandons the new litter.  So we put her in a trap to be fixed.

In all, I loaded up five girls and five boys from the Waterloo property.

Today, they were all fixed.  Eight girls and seven boys.  The Waterloo cats were in terrible shape.  They pooped some, a couple of them, in their traps and it looked they'd been eating straw or something.  Upon closer inspection, however, I saw it was really tapeworm larvae.  Their poo was almost solid larvae!!!  Every darn one of them got droncit injections.  I paid for four of the shots and a volunteer at the clinic offered to pay for the six others.  I didn't have enough money, even with a significant discount, to pay for all ten to get the shots.  One of the females, Fluffy Butt, just barely came out of anesthesia.  She had a terrible cold.  She was tested for FIV/Felk.  I really expected her to come out positive for Felk, but she was negative.  I owe the clinic for the test.  How could she not have a terrible cold, being so run down from worms and reproduction?  She'll be here a couple of days extra.

Getting those ten done so quickly was a lifesaver to them.  Can you imagine how good they'll feel, minus all the fleas, worms and earmites?  Oh my!!

So I'm back.  Had a message from an attorney over that will I witnessed years ago, and signed as witness.  The woman's son recently came by, to inform me she had died, and to write something to say I had indeed signed that will of hers as a witness years ago.  But now his attorney says they need a notorized witness statement from me saying I actually signed that.  Oh boy.  But I'll do it. 

I got a sandwich at Subway when down at S/nipped, for lunch, and went to eat it in a parking lot facing the north spit. I promptly fell asleep and did not wake up for two and a half hours.  When I woke up, the coastal wind was rocking my little car.  It was an Oregon roots feeling to awaken thusly.

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