Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cranky, Creaky Me

I'm feeling yesterday today.  Joints creaking up a noxious melody.  And my brain is cranky.  I want to fire off.

My raft came!!!  Have been saving change for 14 months to get a flotation device!  I could have kissed that Fed Ex man this afternoon for bringing it to me.  He drug the box around back for me.  Am too creaky to have done so myself today.  Besides, his muscles were awesome!

I should be in bed.  Cold's back with a vengence.  Maybe it's whooping cough, which is making the rounds in southern Washington and Oregon.  Maybe I've got that and have spread it by now to countless strangers.

I'll dose myself with NyQuil soon.  Takes only a quarter of a sip and I'm out.

What is in that stuff?

I was shocked to near rage returning the Waterloo cats this morning.  I kept one of them here, the sick female, who barely came through surgery alive.  We tested her, negative on FIV/Felk and that was a shock, she looked so bad.

So I return the nine and come home, after telling them the one is still here because she's really sick.  The woman calls me, not long after I get back in through my door,  asking when the tenth is coming back.  I'd thought we covered that.  So I say "When she's well.  She's on antibiotics, steaming, to help her get over that cold."

The woman says she didn't know she was so sick and that she's always been skinny.  I'd already told them about the worms, how their poop was literally half worm larvae.  I urged her to keep them free of fleas and worms when I returned the nine.  I ask what she's feeding them.  She hesitates, then says she lets them feed themselves by hunting but that they also eat her pig's food.  My jaw drops.

"You don't feed them?" I'm mad now, having just spent money to help her and those poor cats out.  She'd also asked me when I picked them up if I had a cat she could have for inside the house.  I'd said, "You already have plenty of cats."

"Yeah, but those are all feral," was her response.  But not one of them is feral.  They're all tame as all get out.   I wondered what was up with that.

But to find out she's not feeding them and then had tried to get another from me, now that's nuts.

I told her she has to feed her cats.  That's neglect if she doesn't.  She says "Well, so many are dropped off."  I don't buy that since she was wanting another from me.  Hard to know what to say to someone who has just told you they don't feed their cats.  Finally, she suddenly changed the story and says she feeds them now and then and that she has food out now on her back porch and they make such a mess eating.  WHAT THE FUCK?

Ok, I'm thinking, trying to calm my wrath, thinking of that poor cat out coughing up phlem and worm larvae in my garage, not even being fed, and that woman wanting another cat from me, for "in the house".

I finally tell her I have to go, and I did.  I don't know what to do knowing what she told me.

The attorney came over wanting a notorized statement from me that I really signed that will some years ago for that poor now dead old lady that now has three sons fighting over a crumbling little shack and the property it sits on in the heart of Albany drug country.  She called me to be a witness cause she didn't have anybody else.  The attorney wanted to know if I knew the other witnesses.  I said "no".  He wanted to know if I signed it at her place.  I said "no" that she would not have known anyone else to come over, that she had nobody, which is why she asked a cat trapper to sign it, a person who helped her out with getting the cats fixed for nothing and sat around and talked to her and played Scrabble with her because she was so lonely.  I said "we went to her bank and those other witnesses were probably tellers there."  I don't remember much about it other than her calling, asking and me going, to help her.    Where were her sons then?

So I signed something else that said I signed it back then.  Then he says I might get called as a witness if this goes to court and I thought oh my gawd whatever.  Might be fun.

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