Monday, April 23, 2012

Mom Cat is Here and Quite Preggie

I picked up the Male Man's latest stray--allegedly not a male this time, but a pregnant stray girl.  She's very worried looking, huddled on the top shelf in a cage in my garage right now.

I am worried too, worried she will have kittens and I don't need kittens here.  Not to worry too much, a Eugene rescue has offered to foster her if they come.  I have never had a pregnant cat here before.  Yup, first for me.  I've taken thousands of cats to be spayed, but I've never housed a preggie for a few days hoping she doesn't pop kittens and that it is just an overload of roundworms.  And maybe it is.  I did get every male I could find in that area fixed two to three months ago.  Cat gestation is two months.  Ok.

I did have that feral Siamese, who had kittens in the trap, middle of the night.  That doesn't count.  I never even knew she was pregnant.  She had kittens within three hours after I trapped her.  Stress I guess.  Or maybe she was ready, but I don't think she'd be sniffing around a trap if she'd been just ready to pop kittens.  The stress did it.

The people who used to own this cat in my garage now said she ran away almost two years ago. So she showed up at the Male Man's place.  I call him the Male Man because I got four of those males in the area fixed right there.  He feeds strays.  He's got a real soft heart. 

He's a very kind man, he sure seems to be.  This possibly allegedly preggie kitty thinks so.  She had no place to find food or shelter, until she found his place.  So I don't know what to do with her, not knowing if she's about to have kittens or not or maybe just full of worms (wishful thinking!!!)

Shall I take her to the Eugene rescue, let them take care of her?  Except they think they could adopt out kittens, if she has them, but not her, so then what for her.

Everybody wants kittens and nobody wants a mom cat.

I worked all day in my yard.  I planted seeds although it's early to do that in Oregon.  I get burned when I plant early.  Every year I get excited and plant my vegees then it like snows or something.  The old man isn't caring for his yard at all.  I thought he was gone today, then he comes out of his garage and kind of stares around then goes back inside.  I wonder if he just came home or if something's up.  He's had DUI's before he told me once.  If he gets one now, he's going to have a hard time of it.   I'm sure he probably was sleeping or something.  I just didn't see him leave today but I bet he did.  There was some van parked out front of his lawn.  Maybe he had visitors.

It was suddenly very hot today.  Close to 80 degrees.  First time since last fall to even go over like 70 and we hit 80?  Well, that probably means it's going to snow next week.  I bet it will and freeze my seeds. The garage was hot to house a cat.  All summer the garage is too hot for anything alive.  This is just the tail end of the time I can get away with it.  I put a fan on her for today,  but then, I bet by Tuesday, it will likely turn freezing again.  This is Oregon where I live, not Arizona.  I don't have any spay appointments til Thursday.

I drank too much coffee late, so I can't sleep.  Darn it.   Been debating on what cats to take to that barn home.  A Heartland worker has a sister wants two barn cats.  They live long out there.  She's had two sister cats for over 13 years.  One just died.  The other one is lonely.

Was going to take Tweetie and Button, then I saw in my records they've been here over three years, and never been country cats.  Be a terribly difficult adjustment for them to go to living in a chicken coop, albeit a large one no longer housing chickens, and dodging windrowers come July and grass seed harvest.  Not fair to them. 

So I'm switching my thinking to taking two from that doomed colony where the property got sold. Be easy adjustment for them. A far better life.  I hate splitting them up, but they're doomed unless they get someplace else.  The bulldozers will be moving in.  I'll take two of them out of there.  Be good to save even two.  That's what I'll do.  But that's only if I can trap them.  I know other endangered cats, but take too long to get them ready.  If I cut down my list by two out there, in my mind, in trouble, that would be awesome.

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