Tuesday, April 24, 2012

URI, Unfixed, with Tapeworms

I am sad today.  A pregnant Albany stray, who went to a Eugene rescue, escaped in less than 12 hours from that rescue and is now missing.  This is not my fault, and there's nothing in the world I can do for the cat now but hope.  But the incident has created a deep pit of sadness, the returning sadness.  I am so lonely.

The Pregnant Albany stray, now on the loose and lost in Eugene.

There's another big orange tux unfixed male roaming into my yard, eyes draining from a URI, tapeworm hanging from his butt.  I tried to wrestle him last night, seeing him for the first time, wanting instinctively to get him contained for fixing.  But he'd have none of it.  I'd set a trap and almost had him inside it, when the old man comes out, and off the cat spooks, me barefoot and in pursuit. You know how I am about unfixed cats.

He comes up to me and I try to scruff him, but he hops up on his back legs and jumps at me, forearms extended, like a boxer or wrestler, claws also out and shiny sharp.  I was quicker though than he and jumped clear of his claws.  He stalked off them, righteously outraged that a mere human would take him on like that.

This morning I spotted him again, before I was dressed and was unwisely out after him barefoot again, pajama bottoms held up with one hand.  Picture that if you must.  Not pretty.  But you know how I am about unfixed cats.

Again he slithered off into the old man's collapsing arboritums, the future fire hazard of the neighborhood, along with his two foot high backyard grass.  I'll get him, I promised my troop of cats watching from the cat yard. They all hate him.  He spray marks everything and has fought with the blue house cats from three houses down, who hang out in the other neighbors yard, my yard and the old man's yard, lonely and forgotten at their own home.  He has fought with the old man's black tux, creating fear in the black tux boys eyes, to see him.  This orange tux is vile, sick and needs to lose his balls to save his life and turn him into a nice kitty.
The Sprayer, new unfixed stray in my yard.  Tapeworm hanging from butt not shown.

Ah, if only we could spay and neuter all these armies in the world.  Peace on earth might happen.  N. Korea is spray marking right now.  Iran does so constantly.  Hormones are deadly.  We are pleasantly purposely blind to it.  The spray marking, fighting, breeding, and territorial behavior of male cats has its human behavioral counterpart, you can be sure.  War, anyone?

I have cheered myself up.  I can't stop laughing, in fact, after writing this.  I think it is thinking of this latest typical Albany stray:  URI, unfixed, with tapeworms.

I also gave Hairy half a haircut.  He got away from me before I could finish.  He has very long fine hair, that mats in the undercoat. He gets dandruff too beneath the fine undercoat.  So half of the spring Hairy cut is done!  

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