Sunday, April 22, 2012

Goodbye Brenda, Echo and Mama Cat

 I received an e-mail this morning, from Brenda. She had tried everything to get Mama Cat, a former feral, into a trap or carrier. Brenda is moving. She bought a house in the Eugene area.

Brenda and her long time partner contacted me two years ago, for help getting strays fixed, including Mama Cat and her kitten. I not only got Mama Cat and her kitten fixed, but also four big stray males. Two of these males were kicked out of the rental next to her, when they spray marked. They were brothers.

All four of those males disappeared. Later, a man was arrested for trapping and dumping neighborhood cats. I believe the two brothers, the big white male and the other male I got fixed all became victims of this asshole. Brenda and her man split after almost two decades together. That was hard on her. But she is doing well, and I got yet another unwanted tame stray male, Echo, fixed when he arrived hungry at her door. Brenda and her guy had found a home for Mama Cat's kitten.

So Brenda, now without Bombard, their orange female, taken by her partner, took in Echo and Mama Cat, whom she would let in, then out, trying to get her used to indoor living. I knew Brenda was trying to move, but had not heard from her in awhile, until the frantic e-mail this morning. She had tried everything to contain Mama Cat. She was inside, but would not go into a carrier or trap. I went over this morning, and in about three minutes, netted her and put her in a carrier.

 I will miss Brenda. She is educated and very very funny. Hysterical even, a joy to be around. She once invited me to a vegan group with her, for comic relief, she said, because believe it or not, I'm fun too! She had whiskey in the trunk, and before going into the meeting, she told me I would need a shot. The meeting was in Corvallis. I had never tasted Whiskey in my life, but I threw back a shot in the car, giggling and sputtering as it hit my throat. It was tough then to keep a straight face through the vegan potluck. Everything was funny. Finally I confessed to the very small group of people there, that I was "under the influence". There was hair in the salad. Try finding that and pretending all is well, so as to not be rude, when burning on your first ever shot of whiskey!

She's almost moved out. It's like an exodus on her block. Her place will be empty. The people next to her moved out. The people behind her also left and the people across from her also moved out. I don't know how much of the exodus has to do with the man killing people's cats by dumping them out to die elsewhere. Who would want to live next to someone like that? Not I.

Just as I was leaving to go over to net Mama Cat, Rocky calls. I got the four big males fixed for Rocky, including Mac, the cat whose leg was amputated when he was hit by a car on Pacific. I had also gotten three females fixed from a half block away. Well, turns out, they had another cat. They had told me she ran away.  She showed up at Rocky's very pregnant.  Tonight, he got her inside and I picked her up.  But she is so pregnant, I don't know if she will make it to Thursday, the next day I have spay appointments.  But if she doesn't, she won't have kittens under a house.  I am right now attempting to find someone who could foster her and her babies, because I think she is on the verge of giving birth.

I told her I want to move also.  She said she understood.  There is little to do around here and so many drug addicts.  Not that other small towns do not share the same problems.  I need an area where I can find friends with similar values, human contact, recreation.

Goodbye Brenda, Echo and Mama Cat. Good luck to you. Will miss you.

Echo, former stray, dressed up for Halloween!.

Echo, when I took him to be fixed.

Mama Cat, when I took her to be fixed.

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