Sunday, March 11, 2012

Don't Call Me Bonkers

NotBonkers, fixed today at the Salem FCCO clinic.

Don't call me Bonkers!! I did call the brown tabby tux Bonkers, after I saw him. But he's not Bonkers.

Bonkers is a huge similar looking male, although I've never seen him, owned by people not far from where NotBonkers showed up begging for food. That location is also where Mac, the three legged FIV positive boy was fed, and also Mr. Orange, now fixed, and Mr. Sylvester, also fixed. His feeder contained him last night. I took him up to be fixed today at the Salem FCCO clinic.

I had hoped it was Bonkers. After picking him up, I stopped by Bonkers Front St. home and asked the owners to verify it was Bonkers, their cat. They looked in at the still anesthesia dazed tabby tux, and shook their heads "No." "It's not Bonkers, but we saw Bonkers yesterday."

I said, "Contain that boy so we can fix him."

Then they took me inside the house so I could see the three kittens still there from their unfixed female who had five kittens. They had said they'd keep the kittens til they could be fixed. But two have already been handed off. I eyed the gray tabby female, sides bulging, and said "Let's fix her tomorrow." I didn't say to them she looked pregnant. They said that.


I have already gotten six cats fixed for them, one a very prolific female. And I've gotten some of her handed off offspring fixed at other households.

I'm hoping they'll turn over the remaining three kittens also. I'll ask tomorrow, when I pick her up. I had a conversation with them about FIV and the fact Bonkers being a free roaming mature unfixed male, likely has it. I said it is paramount for the safety of other cats and disease containment that he be fixed immediately. They agreed to try harder to get him contained to be fixed.

NotBonkers will go back and be fed as a stray. He's a tame sweet muscular young male, maybe two or three years old. Is he also FIV positive? I don't know. He wasn't tested. But he's neutered now, and so is every cat within two blocks of where he's fed. 12 in all this time around in that little niche of cats.

At least there's that.

I'm not bonkers either. I do good work!

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