Friday, March 09, 2012

Two Albany Males Fixed Thursday

Orange male, whose owners call him "Shit", fixed Thursday.

Brown tabby tux male, "Bit", fixed Thursday. That makes ten cats helped from this one household, five of whom were fostered and rehomed by friends of Poppa Inc.

I got two more Albany males fixed Thursday. They are brothers, born to a female Poppa Inc. paid to be fixed when the kittens were five weeks old. There were seven kittens in all. Keni's friend, (Keni is Poppa Inc.'s president) who runs an adoption group, agreed to foster those five and find them homes, which they did. I also got two adult males fixed then.

Thursday, the two kittens the family kept of the seven were fixed, both males.

In addition, Mac, the three legged Albany stray, had surgery on his eyelid today which went well and someone up there will foster him a few weeks and hopefully he will find a home. Rocky, his former feeder, also caught the last male he feeds, who might be a missing male from Front St. That Front St. family had a brown tabby male who rarely comes home now that it's breeding season. This cat, also a brown tabby, may well be him. Doesn't matter. They wanted him fixed and so, once he is fixed, I'll take him down to the Front street family and see if he is Bonkers. If he's not, I'll turn him loose again at Rocky's place.

So that's four males fixed in short order around Rocky's place. Rocky was pointed out to me by the owner of the black long hair female, taken in as a pregnant stray across the parking lot. She had four kittens. She is now fixed and Heartland took in her kittens.

A half block the other way live a family with three females who free roamed and bred with the strays Rocky fed. Those females are also now fixed. Yahoo!

Just from these two situations, I got nine kittens and one adult out of Albany on to better lives elsewhere, with the help of friends and Poppa Inc. The rest, 12 adults in the two locales, were fixed and returned. That's just two small situations with great results. 12 fixed and returned. Ten gone to other rescue groups/shelters then homes.

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