Monday, March 12, 2012

Cat House Photos

I have quite a few cats but this place I rent now can easily hold them in style. In fact, people would never guess there are that many here. They not only have many beds and fun spaces, but they occupy the upper edges of the house near the ceiling on cat runs and climbs I built. They can go out, any of them, through a cat door, climb some contained cat stairs, go over my car in the garage in a cat run, into a cat room, which once was the second bay of a two car garage. From there, they can use another cat door to go outside. My yard is fully contained by fence with chicken wire over the top. So, they have quite a place here and they love it. Most love living in virtually a colony. And that's one reason I have adoption trouble. The cats do not want to leave. They like it here. I should probably cage them, to make them much nicer to potential adopters coming in. Ha!
Exclusion room. My hole, a tiny room where I have a desk and my computer, a tiny enclave where the cats are not allowed. My room, six by four feet of it.

My home made bunk bed. The cats take it over. I attached a board to the bed that runs under the window and they hang out there, but also use it to jump down atop me when I'm trying to sleep, so am going to remodel that. The cats jump from the top of the bunk bed to the top of the exclusion room, which I built to house my computer.
More cat runs along the living room wall.

Hall wall cat climbs and clock.

Favorite beds--Baskets, an old broken trap and a couple of carriers.

Box springs climb. The pink frame is from an old box springs I needed to get out of here. Same old thing, could not afford to have garbage haul it off, so I used as much of it as I could after tearing it apart. The wall cat print was given to me by someone who otherwise was going to get rid of it.

Fav bed here by far is the baby diaper changing unit I got at a thrift store and put by the window, with cat beds on the upper and middle shelf, and carriers on the bottom.

Hall overhead cat runs. Sassy in foreground, Buffy in background.

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