Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Grumbly's Adoption Postponed Due to High Water

I took these photos earlier, of my yard, and of a flooded parking lot on Three Lakes. I then spent two hours digging ditches to try to drain water out of the cat yard so my garage wouldn't flood. It worked for awhile, but has filled up again. There's no place for the water to go.
Three Lakes Road flooded parking lot. Now, things are much worse on Three Lakes Road. I had to drive through water running across the road in one spot to check traps farther on and another corner is about to flood from the fields.

My yard now has in places 8 to ten inches of standing water and it's getting worse. I drained it once already but now all the drainage ditches are full and the ground around them saturated.

The road Grumbly will soon live on is closed in two places due to high water so his adoption is now postponed. It's just pouring buckets here. My own back yard keeps flooding and I am trying to keep water from my garage. I keep going to check traps too and that road I take, Three Lakes, is flooded in one spot and about to be flooded in two more spots, which means I'll have to go clear around, miles, to check traps soon.

I do not anticipate catching more in this onslaught of weather. Be a crazy cat out in this.

Many streets are half flooded probably due to clogged storm drains. I don't know where all this water can go by now.

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