Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Goodbye My Beloved Grumbly

This is why I called him Grumbly Rumby--the attitude he had at first. He was mad at the world. He'd growl, rumbling low. He grumbled if I picked him up. He changed. Now he'll likely get a new name with his new home. He'll always be Grumbly Rumby to me.

Grumbly's gone. He's been adopted. Hopefully it will work out. He freaked out when the man came, but he was a really nice man. No kidding. If it doesn't work out, Grumbly will be back.

I didn't want to risk driving over, so he came here.

I love that Grumbly Rumby so. I am very sad.

They can't all stay here, though. These are great people.

He had a handlebar mustache waxed at the ends! I love those.

I'm going to go cry, with Suri, his cousin, who is also sad.

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