Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Grumbly Rumby Leaving Today

Grumbly has a great home option in Philomath. He's leaving us this afternoon. They have another cat, a Siamese girl, and are just great people, the kind you dream of adopting one of your cats. I just hope he behaves the first few days, which are rough on a cat going to a new home. I am sad because I will miss him, but I am also very very happy, to be quite honest. I can't keep them all!

Also, a Portland woman is going to adopt Valentino. I know my Bellingham friends were going to adopt him, if they got jobs, but so far, no permanent jobs. They won't mind, I know. I want them to adopt Suri! They would love her. You listening, Kate? Val's adopter is visiting him Sunday but can't take him til March, after a vacation.

I am really happy about these latest two homes, as both are excellent. Primo!

Two other updates: The cat with a broken leg is now in the hands of a rescuer. I had e-mailed her after the woman called about him. I knew she knows the woman, onto whose property the cat had wandered. I had not gotten the broken leg cat woman's phone number when she called.

However, I know three Vivians, all cat people, and inadvertently e-mailed the wrong Vivian. Now the "wrong Vivian" who had responded "I don't know what you are talking about" might adopt the kitty, who is tame and a black long hair.

Update on Snickerdoodle: Snickerdoodle, from Corvallis, fixed January 3, is still in my bathroom. I took her to the vet Monday. She was diagnosed with an infected tongue, which is why she wasn't eating, drinking and was drooling. There was a single claw or tooth puncture in her tongue, that had caused infection. There was also a claw or bite wound on her chin, besides the ear injuries. I don't know who attacked her, the other cat in the house or the dog, but nonetheless, she needed care and is getting it. She's very much improved and will go back home after her antibiotic course of treatment is done with. The owners vow to pay me back for the vet visit.

Update on the Stinky Air: The DEQ responded. They had several complaints the same day I made mine. She believes the problem is a mal functioning ammonia scrubber at Absorbant Technologies that has allowed intermittent release of ammonia. They are allegedly fixing the scrubber before further operation.

They get lots of calls also about Oregon Freeze Dry when they release concentrated anhydrous ammonia. I said "I don't know which of those places would be causing the smell here." She said it didn't matter that the scrubbers at Absorbant would be fixed and whenever Oregon Freeze Dry releases concentrated ammonia they get lots of calls and get on them for it. I'll have to take her word on that.

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