Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Albany is Flooding! Sand bags available

I went to check traps and had to drive through high water in three places on Three Lakes. It was running across the road. But that was nothing.

I come back 34th street and hit high water. I made it through that patch, but the next was much longer and deeper. I elected to turn around. I have a low car. The air intake has to be low and I did not want to drown my car and ruin the engine. I was again headed east on 34th street, then took a right, intending to find a way west down to Marian and back to my place. But I hit high water almost immediately, so I made a turn and hit really high water.

I was panicked, over my car's safety, with it being low and the air intake being low. The water came up over my tires and at that point, I turned up onto the sidewalk to save my car. Everywhere I looked was a sea of water where streets should be.

A guy came out of a house and told me I could make it and the way to do it, the higher places in the pavement, so I did and found a way out of it.

Jackson street is closed a block from me, right behind my across the street neighbor's houses. So far we are spared on this block.

Guess I should start making my signs to hold up to the helicopters from my roof? Fix Your Cats and HELP ME! Hahahaha. The water isn't that cold, for wading if you had to. Young people are out looking at the high water in shorts and T-shirts. It's a big deal here, something you never see, flooding in Albany. My car didn't drown, so I'm pretty ok.

Benton County has opened the Fairgrounds for horses and other large animals endangered by flooding over there.

Knife River is providing sand for sand bagging. Here is the information:

The Linn County Sheriff's Office has made sand bags available at several Knife River locations: 28602 Highway 34, Corvallis; 41816 Stayton-Scio Road S.E.; and 39310 Highway 99 in Jefferson. Knife River is providing the sand.

The city of Albany is also offering free sand and bags at its operations office at Front and Division streets.

Click the post title to go to one story. Sadly, a car containing a man and children was in the Mega Foods parking lot, on Queen and Geary, went through high water in the parking lot and was swept into Periwinkle Creek. One child has not been found and neither has the car. Here's the link to that story:

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