Thursday, January 19, 2012

Flooding, Cat Fixing, Snickerdoodle

I took the three ferals from Spicer Origins up to the FCCO clinic this a.m., to be fixed. All three turned out to be boys!!!

Water in Albany has greatly receded since yesterday. Thankfully.

A child and a very young mother, only 18, died in the car that was swept into Periwinkle creek from the Mega Foods parking lot. That is so tragic.

Snickerdoodle here, in my bathroom, hails from Lancaster Bridge apartments, on Oxford Circle. in Corvallis. It's now severely flooded and evacuation is suggested. There is three or four feet of water all over that area. Conifer is also flooded at Lancaster. Good thing Snickerdoodle is here, high and dry.

I've got ten cats ready to go be fixed if I can find a way to get it done tomorrow. I mean finding a way to the coast, because all the highways follow rivers and are a mess. The one open route is still highway 20 to Newport, but that's if the Willamette doesn't flood highway 34 first or highway 20. I should probably leave now.

Whether the flooding will get worse or better, depends on where you live. Scio, in Linn County, has been partially evacuated. Turner, just north of Jefferson, had to be partially evacuated, like 300 families had to get out. I heard Aumsville also had to be evacuated. They lie along the N. Santiam. Corvallis lies between the Willamette and Mary's rivers with a few smaller tributaries also flooded.

I usually cut through the coast range along the N. Umpqua to Reedsport but that highway is closed. I can't cut across to Florence via 126 either, because it's closed. So is highway 34, that would end me up at Waldport. The only roads across open are 20, to Newport, and 42, way down near Roseburg. I would worry about falling rocks and slides along 42.

Bad timing, for cat fixing. I feel for all the animals out there, on their own. Lots will die.

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