Thursday, January 12, 2012

13 Local Cats Fixed in Another Marathon

Adair Village male teen Whitie, neutered today.

Adair Village torti "Belly", mom of Whitie and Blackie, spayed today.

Adair Village teen male Blackie, neutered today.

Albany teen male Louie, neutered today.

Albany teen male Willy, neutered today.

Albany teen in heat female Jessie, spayed today.

Albany teen female Daisy, spayed today.

Manatee, the huge orange male the old man trapped, a Spice Boy, under anesthesia. He's huge! And now neutered!

Manatee again.

Spotty, Spicer Origins female, fixed today.

I caught no more cats last night. Could not expect to when it was in the mid twenties out, frozen in other words.

Well, I can't say I caught none. I caught the little black tux female fixed 9 days ago.

The white boy from west Albany was already neutered.
Oscar, the Albany White Boy, who turned out to be already neutered.

I didn't check because the people who took him in are very educated and I believed them when they said he wasn't neutered. He did have bad ear mites though, so at least he got his ears cleaned, flea treated and updated on shots.

Other than that, had five girls and the rest were boys. There were two young Albany females, then two mothers, one from Lebanon and one from Adair. The fifth female was the feral "Spotty" whom I trapped at Spicer Origins colony.
Jasper, Lebanon male kitten, neutered today.

Sakaaru, mom of Jasper, from Lebanon, spayed today.

Jasper again, under anesthesia.

Sugar, the brown tabby from the Lebanon very old woman colony was a boy with a strange nose, all swollen looking. The tech said it might be a fungal thing, but he might also have banged it when I drop trapped him.
Sugar, Lebanon Very Old Woman colony male, with bulbous, perhaps fungi infected, nose.

Everyone is back home with their owners except Sugar, Spotty and Manatee, a huge orange tux feral from Spotty's area.

Suzi died two days ago down at the clinic. She had been in their rescue there, and seemed to be fine even the night before. They found her dead the next morning. It could have been her heart problem. She had a very prominent heart murmur.

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