Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am over stocked on cats for the clinic. First I get cancelled on some cats I had lined up. But then I find more cats. Then more. And yet more.

I have 13 cats ready to go. I could have taken 14. Might get 14 or even 17 if I luck out and fill every trap still set.

Won't happen. It's like in the 20's here. Bait frozen. Every good cat curled up somewhere warm or out of the wind. Just stupid human cat trappers out and about.

I have a mom and her boy kitten from Lebanon. I had the girl kitten, but they found a home for her, and came back and picked her up this evening. The people adopting her will get her fixed, I was told.

I have a mom and her two boy kittens from Adair. I have a two teen girls from Albany, separate locations. One was found roaming the complex crying. A nice couple took her in. She's in heat.

I have a brown tabby feral from Lebanon from the very old woman colony. I have a huge orange tux male from Albany, feral, a Spice boy. I have a black and white feral from Albany, freshly trapped at Spicer Origins Colony. I saw the big black and white male who is beating up neighborhood cats and he is fed at Spicer Origins, but I haven't caught him yet.

Last night, he beat up the old man's tame brown tabby. There was hair everywhere. Today, there is no sign of his brown tabby. That cat has beat up lots of owned cats along there. Time for Mr. Attitude to lose his attitude and his balls. High time.

That's why I'm waiting it out, despite the freezing temps, hoping he'll go in a trap anyhow. I want him fixed! I don't really want to ride with him to the clinic, however.

I have two boy teens, brothers, dumped in N. Albany and taken in.

I have a stray white boy from Albany, taken in.

I think that's 13. Should be.

The clinic should be ok on the numbers. I have 14 approved. Even so...even better.. Of the 13, I have four known females, seven known males, and two unknowns, although I think the Lebanon brn tab is a girl. But still, most I am taking are males. Males are quick fixes!

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