Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snickerdoodle is Here

Snickerdoodle is a female cat from Lancaster Bridge, fixed January 3. I had a message on my phone when I returned from the latest fix trip, that she was not doing well since surgery.

I finally went over yesterday. The stories changed about how much she was eating and where she ate, as if I was turning the page on a book, when I'd ask her about it. I don't know if I was not hearing her right or I was still so tired, but I could not get it straight, when these symptoms started, if she was eating or drinking at all, and if so, how much, nothing.

She had lacerations and what looked like bite wounds on the edge of both ears. I asked what happened there. Finally the daughter arrived, a teen with some sort of speech impediment, who claimed she and Reeses, who was also fixed the 3rd, fight all the time. However, I wondered if she had done this to herself, scratching at her ears, and asked the daughter about that. She also agreed with that, that she did it to herself by scratching. Reeses, who had been fine, is now limping severely on a front leg. Since the night before, they said.

Something is going on there that I can't figure out. So I brought her back here.

She is dehydrated and very sensitive to touch and pain. She was so sensitive I could not get sub cu fluids into her. I then began to force feed baby food and fluids. She perked up. I put her on a heating pad because her body temp was down, which is also often the case with dehydration.

This morning she was wandering around the bathroom and had started to eat a bit on her own. I have no idea what is going on. I think she became dehydrated and got behind on fluids and may be ok, once fully hydrated. She seemed to have bitten her tongue which could be why she got behind on fluids. Maybe she did that while waking from anesthesia and maybe she did it in a fall and maybe she was bitten by Reeses, the other cat, or the dog they also have. I don't know.

They have no money for a vet. I don't think this has anything to do with spay surgery but I brought her here in case it does.

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