Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Photos

Albany business cat Stiletto!
Albany business cat Alexi!
Albany business fat cat Haley. I can hardly blame her for over eating. She was starved where she roamed before coming here, having kittens with no food to be had, except pigeons in great abundance on the business grounds.
The gorgeous Albany business cat Misty!
Business cats Raindrop and the chronically worried looking Sassy!
Gretal, yesterday, in my bathroom, where she stayed until she ate her antibiotics.
Gretal this morning. She'll be back in my bathroom soon, for her antibiotics.
Misty again, formerly of an Albany business, where she roamed, unfed, unfixed and unwanted.
Sam again!
Sleepy Slurpy!
Suri on the cat tree!
Sam once again!

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