Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cat Photos and Gretal Back in Bathroom for Mouth Issues

Valentino in motion!

I got my Christmas tree and lights up! I love them! The tree is tied off in four directions so the cats cannot knock it over.

Gretal began working her jaw and drooling some yesterday. I was horrified.

I hope she does not have to go under anesthesia again and have more teeth pulled. She has only four left after her latest dental, November 15, the second since mid August.

I called the vet who put her back on antibiotics. I am hoping she is just having an infection from her last dental and that one or all her four canines, her only teeth left, are not going bad. Hopefully, she just needs to be on antibiotics longer. So far so good. She is eating the antibiotics in cat food and not happy about being confined, but ok with it, as she gets a lot of attention.

I bathed Rogue, the only boy of the nine cats I trapped at the Albany business whom they would not feed and would not take back. That was last spring. I have not found homes for any of them, but they are becoming much tamer.

Rogue had developed open raw sores on his sides, almost like Valentino gets if I don't flea treat him every two to three weeks. I wanted to black lite Rogue to see if those were ringworm, not that all species of ringworm glow green under black lite. He showed no ringworm signs under black lite. That's good. His ears, mouth, nose and paws are clear of any sign of ringworm and those are the places it usually shows first and most prominently. This is something else. A flea allergy is the most likely. So I bathed him anyhow and he didn't mind. He especially loved the rub down dry down afterwards. I put cortisone on the wounds. I flea treated him again last week. I am hoping he'll soon be looking better.

However, I think he's scraping himself when he goes under the bed in the spare bedroom. Which might be the real problem. I'm going to raise that bed up. If they insist on going under it, at least they won't be scraping themselves when they do.Dozey Grumbly.
Grumbly nestled on top of me for a nap on the bed.
Grumbly on me on my bed.
Slurpy grooms Miss Daisy.
Suri on the couch. She has a cold.

I'm building another cat house. This time, I am making it out of some eaves scrap pieces I brought home from the Millersburg scrap pile. This cat house will have a severely sloped roof, because of what I am making it out of. The very low front end will be only half enclosed. The other half I will over hang with the roof and will serve as the front entrance. This is one side wall, made from the eave piece from Millersburg.

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