Saturday, December 17, 2011

Trip to Snipped

Yesterday 14 cats went to the snipped clinic to be fixed.

Six hail from an over run trailer park.

Four were Albany tame boys, all from one apartment. There was Red, Raider, Gizmo and Beast.Gizmo, fixed yesterday.
Red, fixed yesterday.
Beast, also fixed yesterday.
Raider, fixed yesterday.

One boy fixed yesterday is an Albany stray, living under an old woman's porch. I call him Shucks. He was neutered yesterday. She feeds him well!

Zaney is a feral female kitten from just outside Albany. Her mom was fixed a month ago at Snipped. I first met her when I returned four other cats trapped there and fixed at Snipped. The one girl had recently had kittens, I was told, down at Snipped, so I went looking for them when I returned her and the three boys. I came around a corner at the back of the barn and there was a different mom nursing two plump three week old kittens. Mom ran and I grabbed the kittens and held them a bit. One was a boy, one was a girl. I never saw them until the old guy trapped Zaney two mornings ago. Zaney, the little girl, was fixed yesterday.The female kitten from off Columbus outside Albany fixed yesterday.

Despite age, the old guy traps or hand grabs the cats who show up there. His trap is broken, so I told him I'd fix it for him. I can see what's wrong with the door. To keep her in it, he had it on end, with the door tied shut, when I arrived to pick her up. I'll fix the trap for him.

A Brownsville woman had taken in a mom and five feral kittens who by now are about five months old. She got three of the kittens and mom fixed on Safehaven vouchers. All three of those kittens were girls. I took the other two kittens down to the Snipped clinic and low and behold they also were girls. A five girl litter!! Yikes!One of two black feral female kittens, from a litter of five female kittens, fixed yesterday.

I stopped in to get coffee at a stand in Drain on the way down. The barista eyed my car and said "Do you catch cats?" "Yes," I said, and then "I'm headed down to the Snipped clinic with them to be fixed." She lives on a ranch, she said, and someone dumped a litter of four kittens at their door. All four are girls. She wants to get them fixed but money is so tight, she said. I gave her many options for lower cost. She had hoped the Neuterscooter was still coming to Oregon. I told her she wasn't, sadly. The Neuterscooter was a blessing for so many people with little or no money and to communities. The Eugene WAG clinic is closest to her, she said, and she thanked me for the information.

On I went to Snipped.

I had slept through my conventional alarm. I had set my cell phone alarm as back up. However, I found my cell phone across the room. Guess that didn't fly with me in my sleep, the sound of the cell alarm at my ear either.

I was ecstatic I had been contacted by the colony off Clover Ridge again. I had given up out there after the incident with them wanting to turn over most of the kittens to KATA one night, but when I arrived with a KATA volunteer the next day, they refused to give up any.

Thursday night I loaned them one trap. They had requested to borrow some. They had made appointments again with the FCCO for the rest of the kittens to be fixed and wanted to trap the wild kittens. There were four wild ones.

Initially I helped them trap ten they took up to the Portland FCCO fixed place clinic. Then I trapped 14 or 15 others and took them to various Snipped clinics. Now they were trying to get the rest done. They had nine tame kittens still needing fixed in a room inside, and had already trapped the only unfixed adult left. In fact she was in a trap in the driveway when I pulled in. They'd also trapped two of the four wild kittens. So I loaned them one trap and I hope they caught those last two wild things. I was soaring inside to see them doing it on their own, trapping like pros, spouting off spay neuter jargon promo under their breath. OMG!

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