Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gretal May Not Live

Gretal, taken December 14.

She can't eat or drink, with her mouth so painful.

Finally, knowing she is severely dehydrated, I used my trusty net to contain her and pumped her full of fluids and force fed her, along with antibiotics.

Her bad mouth may kill her this time, due to the fact I can't get her in until Tuesday and she won't drink or eat. It's the pus bothering her and seems to sting her throat too.

I'm doing all I can and I told her if she won't drink or eat, that I'm sorry, but I will be netting her twice daily to get fluids and food into her. I don't know if it will save her, since it's now been a few days, but I will try my best. I took a photo of her December 14 and she looked then fat and happy. However, the infection probably had begun by then. Sure went downhill quick with the bad mouth again by the time it was bad enough for me to notice (i.e. the drool). I wish all her teeth had been pulled last August.

I wonder how much her kidneys can take, with mouth infection, then dehydration because she won't drink. I'm going to do it for her, with sub cu fluids now. Might have waited too long. I'm going to make sure she gets enough to eat also with nutrical twice daily. A one inch ribbon daily is supposed to give an adult cat all the calories and nutrition they need, if they won't eat.

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