Saturday, December 24, 2011

Goodbye Pebbles

Pebbles left this morning, adopted by a great family. I have no fears on this adoption. I took this photo, below, today, before she left. Look at Grumbly on the side, carrying a cat toy. He loves doing that!
Pebbles was so adorable! I grabbed her out of a filthy shed up there, along with her brother, Bambam. They were tiny, sick, and very dehydrated.

Rocky, Giggles the laughing calico, and Pebbles. Rocky was adopted out by Heartland, who had taken in three boys from me from that situation, but they were on "No Put To Death" hold, to save them from euthanization, if they got sick or ringworm or anything like that. The three boys were--Rocky, Billy and Happy, a brown tabby. I was left a message one Friday evening, that Billy and Happy had been exposed to ringworm and I needed to come get them now. I was very upset, worried they had been killed already over there, since it was a message left and I'd been out. I raced over and retrieved the boys.

They said Rocky had been adopted out. Happy was adopted by my neighbor and Billy, whose new name is Mini Cooper, now lives in Corvallis.

That was a trying time for me, trying to save 23 kittens from that one situation alone, with my limited resources. The only ones who died, were two bottle babes taken in by Heartland. It's very hard to keep bottle babes alive.

Giggles, the calico, was adopted out with Bambam, Pebbles brother, who was amazing.
With Miss Daisy.
When she had a little cold last fall.
Also taken today, Rogue in the background.

Pebbles with her cousin, Suri, still here, waiting.

Goodbye Pebbles. We will miss you here. But we're all very happy you got a home!

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