Friday, December 30, 2011

Could Not Do It

I could not sign up with the one dental clinic in the mid valley accepting my insurance. I had a terrible experience there way over a decade ago, and I got scared talking to them.

Number one, the receptionist said they didn't need records from my old dentist. Huh?

Number two, they told me one dentist there had previously practiced elsewhere. I was asking how long the dentists there had been with them. And yet, I had already found online she graduated last spring from dental school.

After the receptionist wanted my insurance ID number for the 5th time, I disengaged, trembling, told them if I wanted to sign up with them, I'd call them back later. But I won't be calling them back.

It is just pouring here in Oregon, raining buckets! No good for trapping at all. No good for much of anything.

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