Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Ending Kitty

Here he is, in his new home, as of this afternoon, and already acting like he owns the place, sleeping on their laps, and following them around.

I called him The Guardian, the big black male cat, tame and already neutered, living with ferals. But he so badly wanted a home. An old couple walk by that ramshackle property, where a trailer once sat, before it was demolished, after the woman who lived there moved and left 15 odd cats behind and two dogs. They walk by daily, on their walk. They saw the cats. At first, they thought all of them were wild. Until they met the Guardian.

The woman who took the dogs, after the other woman who had lived in the trailer abandoned them and the cats, kept feeding the cats. I came along and got them fixed and found all those homes. Except Sam and Oci, who are still with me.

Then more were dumped a tame male, and a tame female with one kitten. I got them fixed and the feeder's mom took in the mother and kitten.

But the feeder woman never called about the latest batch. It took an older couple, the daily walkers, who read a letter I wrote in the newspaper then contacted me.

It was they who discovered the black male was tame. They began petting him, then holding him. He did not want them to leave him when they'd go on with their walk. Meanwhile, I trapped the rest and got them fixed. 8 more so far.

The couple hounded me with guilt over the male who so much wants a home. I asked them to take him in. They had lots of excuses. They were "free" now to travel after their elderly cat died, but oh how they miss him. On and on, the excuses, getting lamer, weaker, as time passed. I put an ad in the paper and forwarded responses to them, for them to make the decision.

That did it. Today, after the ad had run only 1 1/2 days, she said tomorrow is her birthday and her husband told her they were bringing him home, sharing their home with him. She is ecstatic. I knew they love him. And he begs them to take him home, grabbing them around their legs, or neck, begging with everything he's got.

Bart has the best home ever!

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