Thursday, December 29, 2011

Change is Good

What do you think of my template change? Stunning, is it not, what black does for a background?

I like it. Yes, am bored tonight.

Rain is pounding Oregon. Not much one can do about it or in it.

I seem to have lost all my links in the change. Will need a redo.

When I changed the template, I looked at stats. I had never before looked.

In all the time this blog has been around, it has had 150k page views. That is not many, considering most of those were probably me. I don't mind much, although it does tell me not to bother writing a book about cat rescue experiences. Speaking of grand schemes to exit poverty, I submitted an invention to a website today. I doubt it will get chosen for further consideration. Dreams die hard. For some reason, I'd like to become unpoor for even a short spell before I die.

My options to achieve that are slimming down.

I've thought about writing a book about what I wish I'd done in my life. Now that might be interesting.

I figure the thing you have to do if you're writing your life story is to start with the end and work backwards.

Like, the end of my book would be my death. I could come up with some doozy ways to knock off. Reality however will probably be dull: routine car accident, skids off icy road, strange, they found 14 cats in carriers in the car with her. Or, cause of death--electrocution. Looks like she was changing out an outlet hot for some reason, didn't turn off the juice first. Ahhh, look, cat pee probably shorted it out. Might have become distracted. Look, she's still got the red wire clamped in one hand and the black one in the other. Sad they never found her for so long and those cats of hers starving so bad they took to eating off her, boy....too bad the neighbor has a smell disorder or she'dve been found a little sooner.

Or, what in the world was this woman doing up in the rafters of her garage at midnight naked? You'd think she was going after a cat up a tree or something.

There are lots of interesting ways to kill yourself off if its your own book and you've got the say so.

Or how about the usual dull, "She died peacefully in her sleep." With an add on, "but then her cats took to dining on her dead body. She don't look so peaceful anymore."

From death, I can work backwards in my life story and change what I want, and see where I should have been where to avoid getting nowhere, like where I am now. If that makes sense. Could be a learning experience.

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