Saturday, November 05, 2011

FCCO Clinic in Corvallis Tomorrow

I had five reservations for tomorrow's FCCO clinic in Corvallis. I have seven cats. The coordinator said "That's fine." I also loaned three traps to some folks trapping between Albany and highway 34. They'd borrowed five from the FCCO, but filled them all and had at least two more to catch.

Click the post title to go to the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon's website and see what they do.

I have the Millersburg five. However, I am convinced one is that male fixed two years back, whom the vet forgot to ear tip.

I have a female from just off Columbus that the 83 year old man hand grabbed and got into a trap. That's impressive, yes.

And I have a tame female, trapped at a wrecking yard, who showed up there, and watches them work. They didn't know she was tame, until they trapped her and brought her here, and I pointed out she was head bumping the trap wanting petted. She is really sweet and it is always painful to see tame cats who have been left behind or dumped. But happy to find wonderful people who take up caring for them.

There's an abandoned tame male in Millersburg, who has taken up living with the ferals, probably out of sheer loneliness. He makes his bed in a falling-apart bramble over-run collapsing shed.

When the caretakers didn't know he was tame and already neutered, they described him to me as "the guardian", the cat who would stand guard while the kittens ate first.

God bless the strays.

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