Monday, November 07, 2011

88 Cats Fixed Today

88 cats I believe were fixed today at the Corvallis FCCO clinic. I took in seven of those cats. One cat, however, the wrecking yard female, turned out to be already fixed.

Of the five from Millersburg, four of those, including all three kittens, were girls. The short hair black and white adult, of the two adults, was a male. The one I thought was the male, from two years back, was in fact an adult female.

However, the caretakers of those cats, told me late Sunday afternoon the other woman who feeds them saw two more young black and whites there this a.m. Too bad I didn't know that Saturday morning, or even Sunday morning. I would have been out there catching them.

The seventh cat, from the old couples' barn, was a lactating female. Her kittens, wherever they are out there, should be close to two months old now.

After picking up the seven cats and coming home with them, I was asked to help again at the nursing home colony. The adult female that was never caught again had kittens. The worker has caught two of the possibly three kittens. We still have to catch one from her last litter and two of the black female's last litter. The black female was the last cat I was involved in catching there.

I have not been back to that situation in a long time, since I gave one of my own traps to someone who works there, who pledged to catch the last few.

However, tonight, she requested help. Off I went, already tired out. In the end, I yanked the drop trap rope thinking I had the silver tabby teen kitten under it. Instead, after transferring the cat, in the pitch black, to a live trap, I looked and it's an unknown brown tabby, no ear tip. I also saw another strange looking very dark brown tabby, with slightly fluffy tail, tan under belly, almost looks like a raccoon without a mask.

That colony could go on forever. There'd been some big males show up, the worker said. I caught one, who turned out to be tame and already neutered. Very bored cat, free roaming a dangerous area. Stupid fricking owners, is all I have to say about that.

Well, one down at least, there, in the Never Ending Colony, as I now call it. Three more really, because the worker caught two kittens. Well, chipping away.

I thought it was grand that 88 more cats were fixed at that clinic today. I didn't volunteer. That's for others to do now.

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