Saturday, November 05, 2011

Trapped My Five

I caught three teens, two long hair blacks and this one--a black tux long hair.
Could this cat be a female?
Sure looks like a male though.
Long hair black teen.

I trapped the Millersburg Five tonight.

Lately, I have been naming colonies by their numbers if the cats in the colony number under ten. "The Nine". "The Main Street Gang of Six". Today, it's "The Millersburg Five."

It's a phase.

I caught them easily, one after another, setting only one trap at a time. I had to carry the traps several hundred feet due to road construction. I also caught a tame neutered male who hangs out with the ferals. I let him go after I felt him up and spent some time with him in my car, so he would not just go right back into a trap, as bored tame house cats tend to do.

Problem is, with the five I caught, I can't figure out what is going on. Three are young, just teens. Then there are two young adults, under two. They look like siblings and both appear to be males.

So where is the adult female who had these kittens, one litter older, one younger?

Well, then there was Miller, the black tux I caught a couple weeks back near by and got fixed. He was an older male. All these cats are black and white or black.

So I got to thinking about a male I caught two years ago there. I think the clinic forgot to ear tip him. Can't remember for sure. I have his photo. I'm going out to compare it to the male in my garage. It might be him. That would mean, I would guess, the other adult is going to be mommy of the three teens.So here is the male I trapped back in 2010 and got fixed. Same place.
Here's another view.And this is the cat I suspect is him. Check out the nose, mostly black, but not on the left side, although this photo has a trap wire across the left side of his nose, where it's pink, not black. Same profile. Same pattern of black and white distribution on the face. I just took this photo of him, will check better tomorrow. But I think I solved the dilemma. The short hair black tux in my garage will be momma. I don't need to check her sex.

At least I caught all the cats the feeders have ever seen there. I hope it's all of them.

Am feeling smug over getting it done a day before the clinic, which is Sunday and before tomorrow's monsoons hit.

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