Sunday, October 02, 2011

Uh Oh

Found this on craigslist. Looks like the clinic I use is seeking a new or another veterinarian, not sure which. If you know any good surgeon vets looking for work, point them to the ad. Thursday is the day I was supposed to take more cats down.....see post below.

Seeking PT Veterinarian for established Spay and Neuter clinic (Coos Bay)
Date: 2011-10-02, 2:56PM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
S/Nipped is looking for a PT, Spay and Neuter surgeon. Salary $60,000 to start with 4 weeks unaccrued paid time off a year. Training available. Our current surgeon performs 20 spays and neuters by 2 pm, relief surgeon by 11am so the quicker you are the less hours you work for the same salary. Job is advertised with more specifics on the Veterinary Career Network. or please feel free to send your resume and letter of interest to snippedandspayed @ Put those together ;).

I also have a day of relief available this week on Thursday. If interested please use the same email address above to contact me.

Thank you....

Ok, here's my take on Amanda Knox and her boyfriend: not guilty. I think they're idiots, but I don't think either one of them killed that poor girl. Will the appeals court agree with me?

I have come to the conclusion justice is rarely served in complicated cases or grisly murders. Emotional needs of victims families, and even of jurors and communities are met sometimes at the expense of an innocent party. I won't even mention the tunnel vision police and win at all cost prosecutors who spit at justice and don't even recognize the word as part of the game. Is Amanda Knox an idiot? Yes. Doing cartwheels in the cop station right after arrest? Well, she was high on drugs, pot, that is, that morning and so was her boyfriend. How many murders get committed while high on pot? How many twinkies get eaten, by comparison, say?

Casey Anthony? Guilty as sin. Jury got it wrong. Or right. Prosecutors and cops did a lousy LOUSY job on the case. A jury doing their job could not convict her on the prosecutors lousy ass case. They were right not to. Prosecutor and cops involved should lose their jobs. But she's guilty for sure. I don't need any jury verdict to tell me that.

There's a new cop show on TV. Star is a tough woman detective. Why can't I think of the show's name. I've watched it twice. What it does very very well is show case the testosterone driven (rife with mistakes) tunnel vision rampant in police investigations. I love the show. It's hysterical, on some levels.

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