Monday, October 03, 2011

Amanda Knox Freed! Amazed, Impressed With Italian System

I can't believe they reversed it. That would not happen in America. Bull headed prosecutors and juries who side with bull headed prosecutors and tunnel vision cops prevent it, even in the face of enormous evidence of innocence.

That they could reverse an obviously bad verdict, I am impressed. And shocked. Guess I'm tainted by trials here.

Those three kids, ramrodded as teens, as perps in the death of three little boys, finally freed in the face of unbelievable evidence of their innocence, decades later, but only if they pled guilty to something. So they walk free with convictions for child murder on their record, even though they are innocent.

The town in that case was convinced the three teens were devil worshipers, and must have done it because of that alone, because of how they dressed, but they weren't. They were just rebellious teens. That was enough to get them railroaded. Cops who push kids or anybody in 24 hour endurance interrogations need to understand the basics of human behavior, but they don't care.

Why here, is our justice system so unwilling to be just absolutely bullheaded in determining guilt or innocence. If someone in jail is innocent and there are ways that might be proved, for gosh sakes let the evidence be heard in unbiased deliberate fashion.

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