Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sage in her new Home. Cooper and Brody updates, too.

Sage, in her new home. Her new human reports she is adjusting just fine.
Cooper, formerly of the VV colony, then taken in by Heartland, then they asked me to come get him, then adopted by a Corvallis woman, is doing great!Brody, formerly Brutus, born in a boat behind an Albany house, whose owner was recently murdered by his own tenant. He was adopted by a Corvallis woman a year ago and isn't he gorgeous and wonderful!

Been watching a show on Mexican drug violence. It's almost incomprehensible the extent of the brutality and inhumanity.

It's hard to know how to think about it. The drug market is here, in America. Americans feed the violence of drug cartels when Americans purchase drugs on the street. American guns are smuggled into Mexico and used in the murders, not just of rival gang members but of those who cannot be extorted or for examples or threats, when people are murdered and beheaded to make a point.

Are we to blame, because American drug addicts are the market that create this violence and because American guns are sold to cartel members and smuggled across the border?

How can this violence be stopped? Would American addicts try harder to quit if they knew their purchase of drugs is really an accessory to torture and murder? Would arms sellers be more careful who they sell guns to?

Money. Greed. Addictions. Drugs. Guns. Murder.

We are intricately tied to Mexican drug violence.

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