Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tree Leaves Me Tomorrow

Had to tree guys here. The first one couldn't take off the branches, said he's too busy and going hunting anyhow. He said I need to wrap the tree in chain though because it's split so bad.

I tried to get ahold of my brother but failed. Then I'd get a hold of him, but the call would be dropped, over and over. Cell coverage where he lives isn't very good. But my cell phone doesn't hold a charge anymore.

I called another tree guy at random and he came right over with a chain. He said it needed down and wrapped his chain around it and cinched it tight, even pulling the tree's crack slightly together cinching with the come along.

He's coming back in the morning with his crew and taking it out. Unless it's too windy.

That will be that.

I have to take all the cat yard wire down in preparation in the morning. I have to do this, but it will be painful afterwards, working arms overhead. I took an Aleve already, as a "pre" sort of thing. I get nervous about all the pain I know will be ahead, but I have no choice. Has to be done.

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