Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oregons' Killers

The white supremacist couple are behind bars in California, now accused of four murders that spanned three states.

They claim they killed 19 year old Cody Myers, who was in Newport for a jazz festival, because they thought he was a Jew. They killed a California man probably because he was black.

They dumped Peterson's father's body in his black jeep up beyond Foster Reservoir. I've been up there many times, on past Green Peter dam, which is on past Foster Reservoir. I don't like going up there alone much, because people camp out along the road and some of those people are creepy.

Nonetheless, it is beautiful and many people love to camp up above Green Peter, along the Santiam. There are so many beautiful swimming holes and spots along those gravel and dirt roads.

Will it ever seem the same, knowing, this couple used a beautiful and favored place, to dump their victims' bodies?

They dumped Cody's body on Mary's Peak. This is another mid valley sacred place. Mary's Peak is the highest mountain in the coast range and a sacred place to the native tribes that once called this valley home. The Kalapuyans and Tualatins called the peak Chintimini (Mouse Mountain) or …cha(n)thimanwi, which is a place young tribe members were sent to seek their spirit guides.

A bloody backpack was found in a Corvallis garbage can. It contained items left over from killing scenes in WA and OR, including credit cards from Peterson's father and stepmother. Both were murdered.

I can't help but think there may be another victim, at least. How did the couple get from way out by Yellow bottom campground, up above Sweet Home, where they abandoned the black jeep, with the father's body inside it, to Newport, where they encountered Cody Myers, killed him and took his car.

They either have co-conspirators who gave them a ride or they killed somebody else, not yet found, and took their car.

The fact they know both these sacred places is enough to chill the spine. They've been to both before.

They're Oregon grown white supremacist's and killers. There are plenty like them in this state, full of hatred, bred and smoldered through bad childhoods, that included no books, too much TV, very little love, beer, inhaled meth from one or both parents and their various girlfriends and boyfriends, ex's, and felon friends cooking it up in the kitchen, a disdain for work, and a brutal dark brooding outlook, that they got cut a raw deal in life, from the womb onward.

Action still takes choice. Raw deals are common and so are brutal childhoods. Not everyone chooses to stroll the dark paths, or fester on their hate. Not when life is so short, like Cody Myers was.

I wonder what he would have done with his life.

I think we need cleansing ceremonies, up there at Yellow Bottom and there on Mary's Peak, to drive off the evil air breathed out by that pair, in those beautiful places of peace.

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