Monday, October 10, 2011

The Tree

The dangerous tree branches were not removed. My brother was going to contact the tree guy and have him call me a couple weeks ago. Maybe it was three weeks ago. But he never called. I wonder if he's no longer in business.

Tonight, the tree made a huge pop I could hear inside the house. I panicked. I ran out into the cat yard and chased my cats inside and locked them in. Then I looked at the trunk. It's cracked farther apart and has sap pouring out in two places, on either side of the trunk. Fresh wounds! Plus, the split at the two big branches is losing sap.

I tried to call my neighbor, to warn her, then sent her a text when she didn't answer. I tried to call my brother but no answer. He's probably in bed.

Darn tree. I hope it holds.

Really, if its going to fall, I hope it does so soon. I'd like to get that event into my past. The crows who roost in it nights are going to be mad enough. It's not like they can't move a tree over, for their overnights. You know how crows are--big complainers.

I am very concerned that the tree's split and fall is imminent, but I can't do a damn thing about it. I am worried it will take out either my garage roof or my neighbors roof and sun room. It will take out my fence.

I don't want anyone hurt. I don't want anyone to suffer losses, other than me, over it. I am upset I didn't work harder to get it down.

I asked the tree, like it was listening, eh, to please hold together. "I know it's not your fault," I said, hoping to get on its good side (literally, the side less likely to split and crash). As I came back inside, I muttered "Stupid tree, anyhow, causing me all this grief." I hope it didn't hear me.

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