Friday, October 07, 2011

Photos of Some of the cats Fixed Yesterday

I messed up and forgot to take photos of some of the cats, before releasing them, including the big Siamese male and the big black male from the Clover Ridge colony.

I also did not take a picture of the owned black long hair male, of the four I took in to be fixed from Albany.

Two black tux girls were fixed, a Siamese male and then the black long hair male, whose photo I forgot to take. These cats were all owned.

They all had severe worm infestations, however, worse than the ferals. I told them about getting them wormer.

This handsome male is the one I caught in the barn, a half block from the main colony, where the preggie black hangs out. He turned out to be already neutered and there are other drift overs living back there she wants to catch and fix.This is Busted, the latest cat we caught at the old couple's barn. Four this time around, but there is at least one more adult to catch, that female who was nursing the two fat kittens.

The cats below all were fixed from the clover ridge colony, although I didn't take a photo of the two big males, before releasing them, the Siamese and the big black.
Devoted Mom, the brown tabby congenial female who loves to take care of all the kittens, including her multiple litters. This had worn her out severely. Now, she's fixed and got some tender loving care.
Cloudy, one of the many colony kittens. He's a sweet cute boy, fixed yesterday.
This classic torti female was fixed yesterday.
Biscuit, black and white young female fixed yesterday.
Fluffy is a long hair black female. I drop trapped Fluffy and Biscuit together. They hang out and are best friends.Mommy Dearest, a long hair tabby on white female, fixed yesterday.
This torti tux female also was fixed yesterday.

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