Friday, October 07, 2011

Another Yard Stray. Fed Up.

Another stray in my yard this morning, looks like an unfixed male. I am truly fed up.

I finally called the police, about two long hair Siamese down the street a ways. Every day they're trying to hunt the field across from the house, where they curl up, on a back deck next to a soggy old dog house.

I don't even know if anyone lives in that house. I don't see one of the cats anymore, but the other was staring vacantly out from the sidewalk in front of the house this morning, when I went to return cats, and again on the sidewalk across busy Marian street trying to hunt the edge of the grass when I drove back by.

The person who answered at the cop shop said they don't do anything to help cats.

I asked if they would at least check on them. I said I didn't know if they were being fed and that there are animal neglect laws. She said she'd run it by a community service officer.

I wonder if the house is empty. I never see anyone there.

Several other people have asked me about those cats, too, like I should know something, if they're ok, or do something if they are not.

I got a message left today by a Lebanon woman. Something about a cat abandoned as a kitten, now injured, chased relentlessly by neighborhood dogs, and can I do something about it. I can't.

I'm one person. One very very tired person who is going back to bed.

I slept nine hours last night. I'm really only behind in sleep for the one night up all night by a couple of hours since I slept so long yesterday also, in my car.

Feels like I could sleep two days straight however. The clean up started last night. I try to clean up immediately. There are filthy cages and carriers to soak, scrub and wash, then put away. There is tons of laundry that must be done. I have to catch up inside with chores.

I had to bury the poor yard stray, clean the bathroom, where she'd been, top to bottom, wash her bedding, soak the heating pad in disinfectant.

This life is not for the lazy, that's for sure.

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