Friday, October 07, 2011

Black Jeep, Owned by Missing Father of WA Killers Found in Linn County

Click post title to go to the story. The black jeep, owned by the father of the man suspected of killing his step mother, has been found in remote Linn County. Yikes. I need to be more careful when out there in the middle of the night. Evil lurks.

The owner of the jeep is presumed dead, probably also killed by his son and the son's girlfriend. Both are in jail in CA, where an officer stopped them after seeing the girl outside the car owned by the missing Oregon 19 year old, found dead out off Mary's Peak of multiple gunshot wounds.

The pair are believed to have killed at least three people, including the man's 69 year old step mother, who was found bound with duct tape and a bloody pillow around her head, sword nearby.

I think the girl out beside the Oregon kids' car, on a California road, was trying to attract their next victim. Instead, she attracted the interest of the CHP and they're both in jail. Thank goodness.

I cannot imagine what Cody Myers family must be going through. A shy but nice young man, on his way to a Newport jazz festival, ends up missing and then is found dead of homicidal violence, dumped like trash along a road.

The two suspects, both with long criminal histories, one with severe drug issues and both with ties to white supremists, should never see the light of day again.


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