Monday, October 03, 2011

On KEZI News--Albany Man, on Hill St., Trapping, Dumping Neighbors Cats

Terrible story out of Albany and unfortunately, I know some of the cats who have disappeared. I got them fixed. Click the post title to go to the KEZI story.

A man admitted only to trapping three neighbors cats, a black super friendly neutered six year old male named Easy and two other cats owned by another man on the block.

However, at least five, maybe six of the seven strays I trapped nearby, are now missing, too. Makes me mad as hell.

He claims he dumped them behind Ray's Market. But do you really believe a cat dumper? I don't.

I told the woman with the super friendly black male to check with Heartland. She had not done so, forgetting that part of Albany is Benton County so people there can take unwanted cats or strays to Heartland.

The police at first refused to get involved. That's why she called the news, she said.

She said that man sat at her table for dinner and told her that he was trapping cats and she said she would pay for cat deterrents like the motion sensor electronic sound one, or the motion sensor sprinkler and even scoop up poop and she warned him against trapping her cats, pointing out hers. Then her cat disappeared and he was best buddy with her son's dog. Her son finally got the man to confess that he took her cat away too, she said, although that wasn't on the news.

All three cats he claimed to have dumped were fixed. So were those strays, who are gone, too, and likely dumped or killed by him.

Makes me sick.

Here are photos of four of the seven strays I trapped there to be fixed. The kitten I trapped was tamed, after he was fixed, and adopted out. His mom, a brown tabby short hair, hopefully is not one of the missing. Besides the mom and kitten, I trapped five males. Not shown, in photos below, an orange male. Two of the males were brothers, a long hair tabby on white and a short hair tabby on white. A neighbor kicked them outside when they spray marked and never got them fixed. The black male is also very tame. ODB, Old Dirty Bastard, the big white male, is for sure missing. I believe the others are also but not sure about Momma cat or the tame black stray male.

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