Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Bless the Dumped Cats

Bless those poor dumped cats. If they are even alive.

I went looking for them tonight. I got fed up though. See I saw a black cat, where somebody doesn't have cats, because I've met him. He was taking refuge on an enclosed porch. I went up there and the cat was going to come to me, then went under the steps.

The man wasn't home or didn't answer my knocks.

So I call the lady with the lost black cat, that was dumped, allegedly over near there, and say, "Come look at this cat. I have no idea if it is yours or not, but maybe it is. It's the right area and this guy doesn't have one."

She takes down the address. I figure she or a family member will be right over. Nothing. I wait ten minutes. Then 15. Then twenty. Then 30. I think "Well, maybe she's at work, but the gas station woman said some guy was just there, a few minutes before I was, and gave her a flier. That was like ten minutes before I first saw the cat, then called.

After 45 minutes waiting, I left. I was thinking, "What is going on?"

There's no way for anybody looking other than them to tell one black cat from another. Has to be them come check to see if its their since there are so many black cats.

I thought that was a likely hit on the missing cat, being near the area and where I saw him, hunkered down, somewhere out of the weather like that, and then they didn't come. I was let down and left wondering. Maybe they were seriously tied up. I don't know.

I would never take the word of an animal abuser, on what he or she actually did with or to the cats. They're unreliable by nature of being assholes intent on serving their own interests at the expense of harming anything in their way. I would be more apt to think someone's lying when they say they dumped them in one place, to cover tracks on what they really did to those poor cats. His garbage can probably holds the real truth.

See there's construction on the main highway just across the bridge and has been. I don't think he went over there with cats.

Bless those dumped cats, if they're even alive. And the opposite for that asshole who hurt them like that.

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