Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Siamese

The year of the Siamese continues. I was asked by a Turner woman for help catching and transporting cats to be fixed her elderly father feeds on their property.

Many of them are Siamese! They already got most fixed, one at a time, until one wily female escaped capture and had kittens who grew up.

I set up traps on both their porches with fishlines attached to the doors and run into the house. I tied off one line to a chair and the other, to a towel rack in the laundry room. I put big plates of tuna in the backs of the traps. The fixed cats can go in and out and eat to their hearts content. But when an unfixed one enters, I cut the line. Boom!

Caught seven of the ten known unfixed ones in that manner that were outside. They had the 8 they could handle that aren't fixed, confined inside. So, with 18 reservations and 15 cats already in hand from there, things are looking good. And they are absolutely thrilled to get it done and so easily.

They had no idea you could selectively trap with such ease, from a chair inside! And never catch a skunk (they'd caught two).

Anyhow, they have three very tame Siamese kittens, about ten weeks old. They tried calling CAT Adoption. I told them if they call any shelter seeking to find somewhere to place them so they could be adopted out, let the first words out of her mouth be "healthy Siamese kittens", to try to hook them to at least get a call back.

However, they only got message machines or phone message trees that were complicated and sometimes disconnected her. No luck, in other words.

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