Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Freeing Blue. Albany Councilman Makes Shocking Statements in Support!

Click the post title to read the latest story on Blue, the Albany dog, busted out of a lengthy legal battle over his life, by someone. But who?

In the article today, Albany councilman Dick Olsen makes some shocking statements in support of Blue's sudden freedom.

Not shocking if you know Dick Olsen. He's a big time animal lover and is the one who helped get the Albany cat grant approved, along with the mayor, to help fix cats in Albany, through Poppa Inc. funds.

He visited Blue when he was at the dog pound and found him to be very friendly.

So, Olsens' comments come as no surprise to me.

Dick Olsen was the council man who asked for my assistance when Albany took over the MIllersburg homeless camp. Campers were evicted, but left behind scores of cats.

I lived in Corvallis then, in a shack. I had no money, nothing, but it was me he asked to help with the cats at Camp Boondoggle. I faithfully carried 36 cats out of those camps. I had to climb over two trains to get in and two trains to get out, carrying traps or carriers with cats each way.

He went in once with me to help.

It was a very very hot summer, too, and the stench, from bulldozed pit toilets, was, let's see, severe.

Although it was a very difficult endeavor to carry out, mostly alone, I accomlished it. Partly because of that effort, when I ended up in Albany, the grant was approved. He knew I'd give it my all. I always have.

Anyhow, Blue's saga needs to be made into a movie! Or a song at least.

Every month, healthy dogs and puppies are killed at the Linn County dog pound with no notice at all. This has made me wonder about the support for one dog, when so many others die unnoticed and unloved at the pound. And when many many many cats wander the streets of this town, struggling, on their own, and unnoticed.

Somebody out there risked arrest to free one dog.

At least there's that.

Meanwhile, the anti cat letters in the local paper continue....

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