Saturday, October 22, 2011

27 Cats Fixed Yesterday

Yesterday I transported 27 cat up to be fixed at the Portland fixed place FCCO clinic. 17 came from the orignal household that contacted me. There's one more kitten who needs fixed from there and she will be fixed next week. When she called her neighbors, they said they had about 15. They trap them and contain them in an enclosure in their barn, then socialize them and try to find them homes. Cats are dumped up there, and it's left to kind hearted people, like these two households, to try to help them.

The original people who contacted me got over 20 fixed themselves, but could not keep up, on fixed incomes, paying the cost at private clinics. They were overjoyed for the help from the FCCO and a delight to work with. They contacted the FCCO, made the appointment, negotiated a price, paid for my gas, fed in a trap prior. I told them "You guys aren't like most people I run into." The man is about 86 I think and cared for by his adult disabled daughter, who can barely walk due to severe issues with a hip replacement that got infected. And yet she helped, even having to use her walker. Amazing.

It made me feel good to help these two households.

Here is what my car looked like, transporting 27 cats, each in a seperate carrier or trap, to the FCCO clinic in Portland yesterday. It was like doing a jigsaw puzzle to get them all to fit in.

I took in 17 cats from the folks who originally contacted me plus 10 cats from their neighbors. I don't have photos of all of them.This calico was fixed, along with three of her four kittens. I didn't get a picture of the Lynx Point female kitten fixed Friday.
Black white male kitten fixed.
Torti Point Siamese kitten fixed.This male Chocolate Point was one of the last ones we caught, using the fish line trapping method. I transferred most of the cats in traps to carriers, so I could fit so many cats into my car.
This brown tabby tux female also was trapped but I transferred her to a carrier for the trip up.
Org tabby tux male, fixed Friday.Lynx Pt, fixed Friday.
Gray and white male, fixed Friday.
Last cat caught there, a male, fixed Friday.
Another Lynx Point Siamese, fixed Friday.Tab on white, fixed Friday. This kitty has clouded eyes from a previous illness.
This little gray and white ate and ate, when in a trap in my garage before going up to be fixed Friday.
Siamese mix, the one they thought was a lactating female. However, the cat was not lactating.
Torti Point Siamese female, the cat they call "grandma".

Ten cats were fixed from the neighbor's place:Shy white and tan male.
Persian mix female.
Muted calico.
Beautiful pale orange boy!
Tabby tux female.
Black tux male.
Black tux girl.
Hole in the wall black tux girl. This is the girl who escaped in my garage and whom I found down inside a wall!

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