Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Missng Teen and a Pair of Ruthless Killers

Update: Oh god. They found the body of a young man near Corvallis. It's probably this young man.

This killer couple need found and stopped!

The story of the missing teen, a 19 year old, who left Lafayette Saturday to travel to the Newport Jazz festival, rips my heart out.

He's missing, you see. Click post title to go to the story.

His cell stopped receiving messages that same day, on Saturday.

Later, his car was seen driving erratically on the interstate, just north of Albany. Police responded but didn't locate the car.

Later still, two people pulled into a Salem convenience store, in Cody Myers car, and tried to make purchases using a stolen credit card.

This attempt led to the identification of the couple in Cody's car--a man and his girlfriend on the run as prime suspects in the brutal slaying of the man's elderly stepmother. She lived in a WA trailer park and was found with hands duct taped, a bloody pillow around her head, and a sword laying nearby.

The 31 year old male suspect was seen leaving the house of his father in his father's black jeep, with his father, who is considered endangered and I bet he's dead too.

The pair, the felon and his felon girlfriend, probably felt they needed to dump the hot car and ran into Cody somewhere somehow, on his way to Newport. Now they're driving his car and Cody is nowhere to be found.

Where is Cody Myers? Some of the photos of the frantic worry on his mother's face get to me. I wonder why the whole state doesn't shut down to find this boy.

That pair of murderers, they'll get what is coming to them. They chose the dark path and the dark path leads only one place.

Meanwhile, that nice kid, Cody, where is he? Is he alive out there somewhere in the Oregon woods, bound and injured, unable to get to help? Or did that pair ruthlessly take his life?

Be on the watch, for the felons in his car and for the missing black jeep. Maybe we find the black jeep and the state of Oregon, and all its people, it's family, find Cody.

They don't know what route Cody took to the coast. He could have taken the highway out of Salem, then traveled south on 101 to Newport. Or maybe he came down 99 to Corvallis and went over through Philomath.

Whichever way he took, if those felons in his car were on the interstate just north of Albany, they had to have come back through Philomath and Corvallis. Maybe Cody is somewhere between Newport and Albany. However, Jazz Festival organizers do not believe he made it to the festival.

Where would someone carjack a young man and how? In a crowded parking lot? Faking it along the road, with the girl pretending to be in trouble, and when a nice young man stops to help, the guy jumps out of the brush? Do they pretend to be out of gas, and he gives them a ride? If so, the jeep would have been found. I don't know. It's driving me nuts though. Young people should not go through such horrors. Not on the way to a Jazz Festival. The photos of Cody remind me of my nephew.

Watch for these vehicles:

black 2010 Jeep Patriot. Washington license ABZ 7996

999 Plymouth Breeze, Oregon license 025 CCH,

Here's what a 2010 jeep patriot looks like:

Here is what a white plymouth Breeze looks like:

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