Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Dive with a View of the Railroad Tracks

I got into it tonight. With a landlord, no less. I didn't know he was a landlord. I thought he was just some nosy guy.

I was trying to find the place where some people live who need four cats fixed. Turned out, I went to the other unit, and they lived down below.

Their residence is a dive with a view of the railroad tracks. Their neighbors are a seedy bar and a sewage treatment plant.

The landlord wanted to know if I was here for the cats. Apparently he thought I was taking them away.

When I finally found the tenants on the down side unit, he followed me, and began asking if they were getting rid of them finally. They looked at one another and one said "They're getting fixed and then going to a foster group." The landlord looks at me and says, "Are you the foster group?"

He knew I wasn't. He knew they were getting them fixed. He was embarrassing them in front of me and putting them on the spot and then giving them hell about having something they love and he told them to get rid of three of them, that they can't come back. It didn't set with me.

He told his tenants, "How many are on your lease?" "Two," the women said, sorrowfully, humbly, worried about her cats, because she loves them. It broke my heart to see him grill her that way, knowing she loves them, knowing he knows she loves them. He then said, "I think cats would be better off all euthanized."

I lit into him probably more than I should have and maybe less than I should have.

He told them the new tenant moving in above has cats and wants a dog, and if they have four cats, the area will be over run.


The area contains a seedy bar and a sewage treatment plant.

Mr. Landlord:

Your two units are dives with a view of the railroad tracks.

Let them have a little something to love. They probably need it badly there.

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