Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A Skinny Starved Stray Stumbles into My Yard

I was about to leave, to deliver traps somewhere, and I go out my back door. There hunkered down, skinny and starved and cold and tired, is a brown tabby female. I give her a plate of food, not sure if she is tame or isn't tame.

I could not believe it. I went back in to get a trap, but by that time, she was over between my place and my neighbors' hunkered freezing under my dryer vent.

I picked her up and brought her into my bathroom. I gave her warm sub cu fluids, warm wet food and stuck a heating pad in a carrier under a nice fuzzy blanket. She is relieved to be safe.

I've never seen this cat before. She is spayed. I can feel her spay scar.

However, sure looks like my neighbors cat, one she took to Heartland last weekend to be euthanized, due to chronic iritible bowel. It can't be, I'm sure. That would be one long hike for a cat.

But where'd this one come from? She is in sorry shape.

It was a miracle she found me. It's now pouring down rain.

She had no strength and could barely move. She'd be out there, dying in the rain. Instead she is on a heating pad, getting held and petted when she wants it, warm fluids, food.

If she dies, she'll die in the arms of love. Not out under a bush alone in the dark and freezing rain.

I think she's in kidney failure.

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