Thursday, September 29, 2011

Zonkered! 12 Albany Cats Fixed Today

I went down to the clinic early this morning with 12 Albany cats. Shortly after take off, one of the big males did a nasty poo job. Mr. MacT, an Albany stray back tux male, could have won a stinky poo grand prize. Joker, an all white male, from the CloverRidge area colony, would have come in second.

I got to the clinic in record time. I knew what I would do if stopped for speeding. I'd have the cop take a whiff of the inside of my car. I bet he or she then would have given me a sirens and lights high speed escort the rest of the way.

Was not pretty!

I took three in from the old couple. They are distraught over so many new ones being dumped, some with kittens.Napper, a white and black female, who had recently had kittens.
White boy Blanca. He does have a couple black spots on his back.Radio, brown tabby tux male, fixed today.

Two of those were males and one a female. The clinic told me, after her spay, that she had, very recently, had kittens. When I returned them this evening, myself and the old couple went looking. Suddenly I see two kittens, fat little things, about three weeks old, in a stall. By the time I find my way around into that stall, however, there's black and white female laid out in the muck nursing them. I grabbed them anyway, and showed them to the old couple. One boy and one girl. The girl hissed, which is so cute when they're that small. They're chubby kittens!

The old man tried to get me to take them, saying there's too many for us to feed. The old woman wasn't any happier. They're super nice though. I've gotten cats fixed twice before there. They don't last long. They get mowed down and chopped up in the farm machinery during grass seed harvest, they said, then cars kill them on the busy road.

These latest cats got dumped down the road. They said they first saw them all walking up the road together, six or eight of them. That's so mean of people to do that to cats.

Anyhow, I told them to take those kittens to Safehaven and just to keep trying, because maybe they have no fosterers one day and the next maybe they will.

So besides those three, a woman in town was feeding two stray big males, Mr. McT and Pips and she got both of those guys into carriers and they were fixed.Mr. MacTee!Pips!

Then I caught three more kittens at the N. Albany trailer park. I"d caught two awhile back. There were supposed to be six. I need to catch their mom. The woman who feeds was not home. I left her a note telling her I'd lost her phone number, then went ahead and trapped the three more there, since she wants it done.

Two were girls and one a boy.Menage, the boy, fixed today.Mowgli, the Maine Coon looking girl kitten, fixed today.Trixi, the calico kitten.

I also took in the Siamese mix female from the apartment complex. It was her sister who got damaged the last time I took cats up to the other clinic.Phoebe, the Siamese.

Then I took in a little torti an old woman, a former clown, took from some kids on the street.Baby, the former clowns' cat.

Last but not least, I took in two more from the Clover Ridge colony, a big boy, Joker, and little wild boy, Dusty, who had terrible tapeworms. His worm load was so bad I paid out ten bucks myself for him to be properly wormed. I asked them tonight to pay me back and they said they would. But didn't. So, well, hmmmm.

While down at the clinic, I trapped three cats the clinic wanted trapped, at two locations. They were all easy catches. They need some donated traps very badly.

I had time to drive to the Charleston harbor, which is not far from the clinic, and take some photos.

Harbor Seal in the water.
Dual allegiance.
Barnacles and algae on the docks.
Barnacles on a boat bow.

Harbor Seal in the water.
Sea lion on the docks.Cat on the harbor rocks.

Ear tipped cat at least.

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