Friday, September 30, 2011

Bad News for Those Kittens Fixed Yesterday

When I returned the three kittens to the trailer park, the ones I named Mowgli, Trixi and Menage, for records, once again the woman did not answer my knocks, but the note I'd put on her door was gone. I still didn't think too much of it. There was food on dishes on the porch. But a neighbor was out mowing. I asked him where she was.

Well, she was hauled off by the police a week ago or more, to a psyche ward. She'd had a complete breakdown, they said, would even lay on her back in the street.

She had too many dogs, four, they said, who would go in and out, through a door she created on the trailer and they'd trashed the trailer and one big dog killed a younger one.

So...she got another puppy.

She also had two or maybe three cats of her own. They were fixed. Then she fed the outside strays, a bobtail black tux male I got fixed a couple months back. A long hair calico, who is a stray, and whom I got fixed, then a tabby on white mother, who was the mom of the six kittens, five of whom are now fixed. I don't know what will become of them.

I knew she was under a lot of stress. I ran into her again there, when helping a woman who'd lost her cat some distance away, but who was convinced he is somewhere in that trailer park. Why? Because of about nine calls from residents claiming they have seen him.

I don't think the cat is there. No one who claims to have seen him has produced proof, like a cell phone photo.

Anyhow, I stopped in to talk to her, then a couple weeks later, came by to get some of her cats fixed, four at that time, the bobtail male, the calico and two of the six kittens.

She was under stress. She'd injured her back on the job, but now was going back, but as a secretary and she didn't know if she could handle that. She didn't know anything about being an office worker or secretary she said. She had some boyfriend whom, she confided, she was having trouble with, but I'm not sure what kind of trouble.

When she was hauled off, they confiscated her car, the neighbors said, because of some trouble with that during her breakdown. If they let her out, she'll have no income and the liklihood of her getting a job is probably zilch. She will be unable to pay rent there, where she has lived, or get around, without a car.

So what will happen to those cats? Her son hauled off the dogs. The new puppy, the neighbors say, they think went to a shelter. I'd already turned the three kittens loose, not that I could take on more here.

I first me this woman when she called me, wanting help with four or five cats who needed fixed. I was shocked to find her living in a little shed, next to her former house, which had burned partially and been declared dangerous because her husband was a big meth dealer, until he got cancer. Later, he died. She was clean then, at least she said she was. I remember she referred to her former friends as "white powder girls" and said she was trying to stay clear of them, but that her entire family had a terrible name with law enforcement in the area, due to her husbands meth dealings.

She had no running water or electricity in the shed, where she lived at that time, and cooked on a little one burner propane stove. Yet she wanted to get those cats fixed. So I took them in to be fixed.

Later, I encountered her at a notorious Albany complex, known for drugs and crime and she had more cats. Later still, she told me she'd moved to the trailer park, and that someone outside Safehaven, who wanted Safehaven to take their cats, instead paid her $100 to take the two. She was there for free dog food. I asked what happened to those two cats she'd taken and she said she didn't know because they ran off immediately. I was not happy with her.

Then I ran into her this last time, when looking for that lost cat. I got the four fixed then, and wanted to get the kittens mom fixed, plus the other four kittens I had not caught that first time. I caught only three, last week, of the unfixed four kittens left, and they were fixed yesterday. And now, they probably will have nobody to look out for them.

People can say what they want about her, her past, her meth producing husband, all that. I never met that person. I only met the person who deeply cared about animals, any and all, and was extremely kind to the unwanteds, to the best of her ability.

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