Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Makes a Person Think its OK?

9:30 at night, I get a call. It's some Albany guy. He hates cats but has one going under his house. He staples the screens back on the vents but he claims the cat pulls them off and goes back under. I tell him there are probably kittens under there.

He wants me to solve this for him, but keeps going on and on about hating cats.

How dare he?

The self-centered leech. Calling me up this late to demand I solve his problem and take any cats. The self-centered fricking leech. I'd already told him this county is over run in lousy mean irresponsible neglectful people. I tell him to solve his own problems and hang up.

He calls back, asking how he had offended me, and I tell him exactly how he accomplished that. I said how dare you call me, late at night, a volunteer who works so hard to help cats. He knows I love them. How dare he violate my night with his talk and his selfish demands and his hatred of cats, spewed out to someone who loves cats. How dare he?

That's not nice. Why do people think they can call a volunteer late like that, wanting their problems solved, no pay involved. He'd been on my petfinder site, which states very clearly I don't take in cats from the public. Why do people read that and think that does not apply to them?

I want to run away.

Now my mind is littered in empathy for that poor cat, taking refuge, probably with kittens, in the lions den.

I can't take in more. I haven't had any luck finding homes for the ones I have already.

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