Sunday, September 18, 2011

Slurpy Leaves

Slurpy yawns.

Woods Box torti kitten, one of the many Save the Kitten colony kittens, I dug out of here and there, from head lite compartments of old cars, to boxes out in the woods.
I recruited some colony mothers at first, to care for the kittens even though the moms were feral.

I took up Slurpy, the torti, just a bit over a year old, who hailed originally from the Save the Kittens colony up in Lebanon. I can't recall how many kittens I took out of there--lots. Some went to Heartland, but then some of them were returned to me. A dozen or so went to Poppa's president, and eventually, they all got homes.

Of the three returned to me from Heartland, all but Slurpy got homes. She's really wonderful and loves other cats and I knew she'd do fine up there, while she waits. She was already relaxing by the time I left, rolling around in catnip and interested in meeting the other cats. That was a quick adjustment.

In the end, I feared Teddy would be too shy and take a long time to come back out of his shell. Same for Starry. So that's why I chose Slurpy. It's terrible on me, but I have too many cats and that's the price. I love her. I'll miss her but she too deserves a home with fewer cats, if one can be found, where she will get the love and attention she deserves.

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